Look, we all have drawers and closets full of clothes but still end up wearing the same ten pieces again and again.  Maybe it's the fabric, the cut or the way it makes you feel but whatever the reason those clothes are your go-to favorites.  We want to be your next favorite. Every piece of apparel from Cambridge Uncommon is designed to be comfortable, classic and uncommon. 

Why are our clothes so awesome? Throwaway “cheap tees” are stiff, boxy and generally uncomfortable. Our tees are soft, the fit has been tested (trust us we have tried on about a thousand tees to get it right) and we think our graphics are pretty damn clever. Same goes for our sweatshirts too.

We believe in running a good company and making ethical products.  Mostly we use 100% Peruvian cotton, which is among the best in the world. All our clothes are cut and sewn by hand, and we personally know the people who make this happen. We design every piece of clothing ourselves from top to bottom, pun intended. 

We want to know where our clothes are from, what they are made of and who is making them. The fact is, the “cheap $10 tees” some other companies sell often come at a human cost and we aren’t down for that.  We are a part of the entire process so we can all look and feel good. We also choose to use mostly 100% cotton or recycled materials because synthetic fabrics that contain plastic leach into our oceans with every wash.  The environmental impact on the planet and on our bodies is real and we want to do our small part to help.

How it all started

Two four year olds joined a local Cambridge playgroup and recognized their shared sarcastic, mischievous and fun-loving streaks. Many years and many adventures later the rest is our story.  We followed two different corporate paths but came to the same conclusion: if we were going to work this hard it needed to be for ourselves. Even better, we could do it together, have some fun and keep ourselves sane … ish. So we took the proverbial plunge and ventured out on our own with a dream of being a little tee shirt company.

We had a simple plan, make a new favorite tee. Then it got complicated, turns out we are both low key perfectionists and kind of stubborn so of course we couldn’t stop there. After years of experience in the apparel world we knew we could do more and do it better.  We want to build you a closet full of comfortable, cool clothes that look and feel uncommonly good!


Nic & Jess